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NOTICE: Re-Ment ordering is NOT functional right now, so please do not add any of the items to your cart. Ordering will be functional once we do an inventory on all of our Re-Ment items. Thank you!

"What is Re-Ment?", you may ask.

Re-Ment toys are EXQUISITELY detailed Japanese miniatures. Really, the quality and detail on these are incredible! For instance, I own a set that features a gumball machine (not for sale on this site yet). The INDIVIDUAL gumballs actually DISPENSE out of the machine! That should give you an idea of the detail and workmanship that you can expect to see with these miniatures. Re-Ment miniatures are the perfect scale for Barbie, Kelly, Blythe, Pullip, Obitsu, Takara Jenny, Volks Dollfie Plus, and other similarly-sized dolls. Additionally, some items work well for larger or smaller dolls as well.

All of these sets are limited-edition and they are only manufactured for a short time before they're all sold out, so get them while you can! Dollyhair will be offering many more sets in the future, but for now, please click on the links to the right to view the different collections.

Dollyhair is very proud to be offering Re-Ment miniatures for sale, and you will find that our prices, including shipping, are among the lowest on the internet. Usually these toys have to be shipped to you from Japanese sellers, which means that your shipping costs will be very high even if the actual price of the Re-Ment is low. But Dollyhair, being stationed in the U.S., can offer you very low shipping rates. And don't forget that with ANY order of ANY combination of goods sold on where the merchandise total is between $50.00 and $100.00, shipping is always FREE!

Click on the photos below to purchase the Re-Ment sets!



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