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If you're looking to reroot other dolls, here's the information you need in order to know how much hair to purchase!

All of the information below is also covered in a detailed, illustrated tutorial on THIS PAGE. If you read both the tutorial and the information below, you should be very well-versed on the subject of doll rerooting.

Blythe dolls have a head circumference of 8", but they have very high foreheads, so they generally need only as much hair as a doll with a 6" circumference head would usually need, UNLESS you're one of those people who likes to root their plugs really thickly. Therefore, a Blythe doll will need somewhere between-one-and-a-half to two Barbie-size hanks.

Patti Playpal dolls also have head circimferences of 8", but since Patti dolls are so tall, most people prefer to give them long hair, and most people like to use the 38" hanks, which result in Patti's hair being 19" long after she's been rooted. If you want Patti doll to have 19" long hair, you will need to buy eight 38" hanks to reroot her.

Here's how this information is calculated: you'll need to measure the circumference around the doll's head, in inches. If you measure right above the eyebrows and around the head with a measuring tape, horizontally, you'll get the circumference.

One Barbie hank is enough to root a doll with a 4 inch circumference head, which is what Barbie has, so if your doll had a head that's 12 inches in circumference, for instance, then you would need 3 Barbie hanks. (3 hanks x 4 inches per hank = 12 inches of doll head).

Similarly, Gene has a head that's 5 inches in circumference, so if you had a doll whose head was 10 inches in circumference, you would need two Gene hanks to root your doll. (2 hanks x 5 inches per hank = 10 inches of doll head).

The length of the hanks would still be the same, and remember that you will be folding these hanks in half when you root the doll, so the doll's hair will be half this length: short= 6.3 inches (so the doll's hair will be 3.15 inches long), medium= 9.5 inches (so the doll's hair will be 4.75 inches long), and long= 19 inches (so the doll's hair will be 9.5 inches long)

Here's a bit of information that you may need: When someone orders a hank from me, I spin the hair around my spinning machine a certain number of times. The hank, after it's spun, is always 38 inches long to begin with. This is the longest length hank I can produce. A Barbie medium length hank has less hair than a Barbie long length hank, obviously. So let's take the Barbie medium length hank for instance: normally the full 38 inch hank is cut in half, and then in half again. The finished hank is 9.5 inches long. The Barbie long length hank, on the other hand, is spun twice as many times around the spinning machine, and then the 38 inch hank is only cut in half once. So the finished hank is 19 inches long. Although the medium hank is shorter than the long hank, they are both the same width, or thickness. In other words, both hanks give you the same number of hairs, but the hairs themselves are shorter in the medium length hank.

NOW... if you need your doll's hair to be LONGER than 9.5 inches, here's what you'd need to do: I'll send you the hanks in their full 38 inch lengths, which is the longest length my spinning machine can produce, and you can cut the hanks as you see fit. For instance: Let's say that your doll has a head that's 12 inches in circumference, but you want her to have very long hair. I can send you the full 38 inch hank and you don't have to cut the hank in half at all. Then, after rooting your doll, she will have hair that's 19 inches long! Of course, you would need twice the normal amount of hair, so instead of buying 3 Barbie long hanks, you would need to buy 6.

Now that you understand how this works, you understand that if you order a Barbie medium length hank from me but ask me to send it in its full, uncut 38 inch length, the 38 inch "medium" hank will be HALF as wide as the 38 inch "long" hank. Why? Because in order to have enough hair to root Barbie's head, the medium length hank is intended to be cut in half 2 times while the long hank is intended to be cut in half 1 time, and if you don't cut the hanks at all then the medium hank will not be as wide as the long hank.

Taking this information further, if you were to take the Barbie long length hank in its full 38 inches and not cut it at all, and if you were to root a Barbie doll with it, Barbie's hair would end up being very long (19 inches) but you would only have enough hair to root half her head, and half her head is 2 inches.

In conclusion, a BARBIE LONG HANK, in its full 38 inches, if you don't cut it at all, is enough hair for a doll whose head is 2 inches in circumference. A BARBIE MEDIUM HANK, in its full 38 inches, if you don't cut it at all, is enough hair for a doll whose head is 1 inch in circumference.

With this information, you can now figure out how many 38 inch hanks you'd need for your doll, if you want your doll to have hair that's 19 inches long. For instance, if your doll's head is 6 inches in circumference and you want her to have hair that's 19 inches long, you would need to buy either THREE Barbie long hanks (3 hanks x 2 inches per hank = 6 inches of doll head) or SIX Barbie medium hanks (6 hanks x 1 inch per hank = 6 inches of doll head). Obviously, the long hanks are a slightly better value for your money, so you would want to opt for the long hanks.

To save money, you can incorporate the knot method when you root your doll. The knot method is just as secure as the needle and thread method, but I don't like it because it takes a lot longer to do. In the interest of saving money, however, you can use it. Here's an example of how this method can help you:

Order a 38 inch hank from me, and cut ONE THIRD off, which would be 12.6 inches. This leaves you with one length that is 12.6 inches long, and one length which is 25.3 inches long. You can take the 25.3 inch lengths and root them with the needle and thread method, which is the easiest method and goes very quickly, and then for the 12.6 inch hair you will have to root it with the knot method, where you don't fold it in half and you just knot the end of the hair that's inside the doll's head. This would give your doll hair that's 12.6 inches long, once she's rooted. Obviously, if you were to do it this way, you would need to buy slightly more hair, but the plus side of it would be that the doll's hair would end up being longer.

If you have any other questions or if this information is confusing to you in any way, all you need to do is E-MAIL ME and send me the following information: 1) the circumference, in inches, around your doll's head. 2) The length, in inches, you want your doll's hair to be AFTER she's been rooted. I will e-mail you and let you know exactly what you'll need to order, and this way we can make sure that you don't end up spending extra money on hair that you don't need.

If you place an order and would like the hanks sent to you in their full, uncut 38 inch length, all you have to do is this: along with your order, in the optional message area that's presented to you when you check out through the shopping cart, write me a note and ask for 38 inch hanks. That's all you need to do. You can ask for anything else as well and I will always do my best to honor your request whenever possible, however unique your request may be.


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